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Download Finished was an online ressource which transformed and re-published films from P2P networks and online archives. Found footage became the rough material for the transformation machine, which translated the underlying data structure of the films onto the surface of the screen. The original images dissolved into pixels, thus making the hidden data structure visible. Through Download Finished, file sharers became authors by re-interpreting their most beloved films.

For the transformation, Download Finished made use of a characteristic specific to digital films: Before a film, originating either from a camera take or a DVD, is digitized and fed into a file sharing resource, it has undergone several transformations. Download Finished made use of this new data structure for the transformation of the image layer: What otherwise occurres as a compression mistake, becomes an aesthetics in its own right and shows the digital nature of the input data.

Download Finished questions the relationship between the original and its copy in a digital environment. It deals with questions arising from the cultural practice of file sharing (and the breakages and voids it makes evident within the copyright system).

Download Finished: How-To & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Download Finished How-To (PDF)
Download Finished FAQ (PDF)
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