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Random Darknet Shopper (2014 - ongoing)

29.10.14 | No. 6
Ecstasy 10x yellow Twitter 120mg Mdma
Random Darknet Shopper just bought 10 Ecstasy pills of from Germany for 48$

Ecstasy 10 yellow Twitter Pills 120mg Mdma
Ordered by Random Darknet Shopper (29 Oct 14)
for 0.1412554 Bitcoins
Status: Arrived (4 Nov 14)
Shipped from Germany
Item No. 6

The pills were vacuum-sealed in aluminium foil and placed inside a dvd case, so they would look like a dvd in a x-ray scan. The vendor promised very fast shipping and stealth packaging. Both seem true. The parcel was sent from Germany and crossed the border and customs to Switzerland without any problems.

Original describtion:
«Beautiful yellow round pills with twitter logo, beveled edges and breaking line on the back...»

15 Jan 2015 - Swiss Public Prosecutor seizes and seals work by !Mediengruppe Bitnik
04 Mar 2015 - Forensic examination shows that the pills really are Ecstasy
15 Apr 2015 - Random Darknet Shopper released, Ecstasy destroyed.


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